Youth Lacrosse Program Representing Burlington and Harwinton CT.


For nearly twenty years, volunteers from Burlington and Harwinton have worked together to help shape what Spartans Lacrosse is today. We are so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers that have help ensure that our program runs smoothly and soundly. Coaches, Team Managers, Health & Safety Managers, Treasurers and more - there are so many different volunteer opportunities across the program.

Board members meet every 4 to 6 weeks, September through March in person, with an option to call in. We don’t meet during the season as it’s busy enough navigating games and practices. We want you to enjoy the season with family and friends!

President – The President of the League resides over all meetings and serves as the chair of the Board. Besides being a liaison with the LSM Athletics, the President helps set the tone for the league.

Vice Presidents – We have two VP openings this year. One VP will help develop practice and game schedules and communicate with coaches while the other VP will help with coach review and selection while working with parents and coaches to make sure fields are ready for play.

Secretary – Not just someone to keep track of the minutes, the Secretary helps ensure our roster of players and coaches is up to date and the roles and responsibilities of each position.

Board Members – If the above positions are too much to handle, consider joining our board. You’ll help shape the League and work through ideas to help build community while growing the program. Board members often help coordinate our Communications, Equipment & Facilities, and Events throughout the year.

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